Jonathan Middleton

© 1998-2021

Informed in part by the record projects of Jack Goldstein, Record of the Undead uses simple sounds to describe vampires and zombies, two monsters that feature prominently in horror cinema, each the subject of respective subgenres.

Side 1 (Vampire) is a stereo recording of a standard 4/4 rock beat, subtly referencing vampires’ binary existence: Alive, but dead; dead, but alive; awake during the night, asleep during the day. Vampires are therefore marked by sudden shifts in sound – a pulse. The track is played by a human drummer and recorded in stereophonic (“three dimensional”) sound, linking vampires with pictorialism and romanticism

Side 2 (Zombie) is a digitally produced 60hz sine wave. Like zombies, this track is ‘grey’. Zombies, as depicted in film, lack the sleep cycles of vampires. They are neither awake, nor asleep. Whereas vampires carry an ‘old world’ nostalgia of 19th and 18th century Europe, zombies are fundamentally about the new world, technology, and modernism. For this reason, the track is comprised solely of a 60hz sine wave; the same frequency and shape as AC electricity found in North America and most of South and Central Americas.