Jonathan Middleton

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The Days of Wine and Roses Are Distant Days For Me (2010) is an artwork about the future of an institution, and the future-past of an institution. It was originally conceived for Vancouver's Contemporary Art Gallery, but never realized there (See Only Time Will Tell If I Am Right or I Am Wrong #2).

It could, however, be adapted to any non-profit institution (gallery or not).

The parameters of the project are outlined in this suggested board resolution:

Be it resolved that:

a) the amount of $100, received on ___________ from artist Jonathan Middleton, and any interest accruing from an investment of this principle amount from this day forward, be reserved in a restricted fund, until such time as the [society or gallery] should cease operations and dissolve. At such time, these reserved funds, both principle and interest, are to be used to buy drinks and flowers for the enjoyment of the [society or gallery] and friends, as shall be present at a gathering of staff, board members and others that the Directors may determine at such time.

b) the collected fund, no matter how small, shall be made explicit in the yearly financial statements of the [society or gallery] as The Days of Wine and Roses are Distant Days for Me, along with any additional text the Directors may choose to describe the fund, so long as said text does not contradict the purposes described in the preceding paragraph (a).

c) a single copy of each year’s financial statements, upon their approval by the society’s membership, shall be provided to Jonathan Middleton or his estate, free of charge, as documentation of the fund as an artwork. An additional copy of each year’s financial statements shall be held by the [society or gallery] in an archive distinct from its normal financial records.

d) Paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (d) of this resolution are unalterable.

Signed: President

Signed: Treasurer