Jonathan Middleton

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The Jeneral Joke Store is an ongoing collaboration with Aaron Carpenter. We write jokes together. Our jokes are not so much intended to be "haha" funny, but rather an exploration of various joke archetypes.

We sold jokes at the Instant Coffee exhibition Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little at the Western Front.

Blurb as such:

Jeneral Joke Store
Saturday, March 10, 17, 2-5pm
Artists Aaron Carpenter and Jonathan Middleton have been honing their joke-writing skills over the past year or two. The General Joke Store provides the opportunity to purchase some their recently crafted jokes. An assortment of jokes will be on offer in the “knock-knock”, “lightbulb”, and “chicken crossed the road” genres, as well as a selection of rude and off-color jokes, sure to alienate you from your friends and co-workers.